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Sabbatical elections are coming soon! Check out our emails and social media channels for the latest information! We will be hosting an information session in the coming weeks!

Nominations open Feb 1st and will close Feb 15th. 
The campaign period will begin on March 1st and end on March 11th, during the last 3 days of the campaign period, voting will take place.

Get in touch with those in the positions you want to run for and they will happily carve out some time to meet with you and describe the role!

So, you want to get involved with the SU?

Well, there are plenty of opportunities to work with us, and to make the most of your time here in college. But you don’t have to run for anything or have a title to make a difference in the SU - if you’re passionate about something, you have a campaign idea, or you just want to help out in a small way, get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Run for Class Rep!

Class reps are the voice and the body of the Union - there is usually a class rep in every class in college, and you represent your class to the Union, their views and opinions. Some classes have two, three or even four reps.

The best way to become a rep is at the start of the year - pick up your form from the SU diary, or from the Education Officer, fill it out, and take part in the elections with your class. Votes are cast in early October, and rep training takes place in mid-October, in time for the first council.

Run for Class Rep

Run for Sabbatical Officer!

Sabbatical Officers are the five Union officers, elected in February every year, who work full-time for the Union. The SU Officer positions include President, Education, Welfare, Communications & Marketing and Ents. Anyone can run for Sabbatical Officer.

Running for Sabbatical is a big step - talk to the current officer before deciding to run, and get the lowdown on the job you’re hoping to do, and the election season, which involves assembling a campaign team, materials, t-shirts and stunts.

Run for Sabbatical Officer

Run for Union Forum!

Union Forum is the main executive committee of the Union, with a variety of officers, to make sure we represent all walks of life here in Trinity. From LGBT Rights Officer, Sports Officer, International Officer and Officer for Students with Disabilities, we have it all. They meet every fortnight to go over issues, air problems that have come to their attention, and to make plans to fix them.

The Union Forum is elected at the last Council of every year - if you want to run, talk to the previous officer, draft up your manifesto and what you want to do in your tenure, and prepare a short speech to give at the last Council.

Run for Union Forum

Run for a committee position!

From Welfare Committee to committees for the campaigns that the SU runs, there’s so many ways to meaningfully get involved, and running for a committee position is one of the surest ways. Keep an eye on the SU Facebook page for calls to action, or contact the SU President on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get involved!

Remember, you don’t need to run for something to be involved in your SU! Just get in touch with a member of Union Forum, a Sabbatical Officer or your class rep, and they’ll tell you what’s coming up that you can help out with!

Run for a committee position
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