Finding Accommodation

It’s very difficult to fully engage with college life if your foundations aren’t being met. The welfare officer here to help you address all of your accommodation needs. There's a housing crisis in Dublin and you're not alone in the struggle to find accommodation!


Accommodation Advisory Service

The SU operates an Accommodation Advisory Service helps you to explore your accommodation options to find what best works for you! An accommodation advisor can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. TCDSU also runs a Facebook group for students looking for accommodation: "TCDSU Accommodation Support".


Accommodation Options:


  • Trinity Hall/On-Campus Accommodation
  • Purpose Built Student Accommodation
  • Renting a room in a share, non-owner occupied house
  • Digs


Useful Websites:


What to do & What not to do

Always always always see the place before you hand over money.

Do try and bring a parent with you.

Do borrow a mobile if you don’t already own one: it will be invaluable.

Do get a receipt for any money exchanged. Make dead certain you have this – some students in the past have lost a lot of money by forgetting this rule.

Do read your rights as outlined below before dealing with a landlord.

Bring a good map of Dublin including bus numbers with you.

Do check in with the Accommodation Advisory Service if you need any info.

Don’t admit to being a student if possible.

Don’t agree to pay out more than you know you will be able to continue to pay for the rest of the year, it will cripple you later.

Don’t get too freaked out by all the accommodation crisis reports. Yes there is a shortage of places out there but no that does not mean you should settle for a hamster cage. No matter how frustrated you get don’t be disheartened: you will not end up sleeping on the streets.

If you get stuck for somewhere to stay for a few days get in contact with the Welfare Officer. Trinity have deals with local hostels that can act as a base while you search for somewhere more permanent.

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