Chair of Council

The Electoral Commission is a brilliant opportunity for students to who have a keen interest in democracy to get involved with the SU. You will get the chance to be involved in the sabbatical elections and the running of council among other duties. There are 4 OCM positions and 1 two year membership position up for the grabs. The position of Chair is allocated to a previous member of the EC and then ratified by Council. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me!

Secretary to Council & Chair of the Oversight Commission

As secretary, my role is to organise the behind the scenes of Council. I manage the submissions made to Council and organise the agenda. This role involves many emails and is a good one to get to know the members of the Union. I also make the PowerPoint for Council!

As chair of the Oversight Commission, I am required to remain impartial. My role is to ensure that schedule 4 of the constitution (all of Council’s mandates) is being actively worked on and that people are doing their jobs!

Myself, along with my two member team, formulate and execute checklists with each of the sabbatical officers and part time officers. This can be time-consuming but imperative to ensure that Council is working as an effective decision-making body. We also take complaints and enquiries!

AHSS Faculty Convenor

Text to follow.

HS Faculty Convenor

My role involves acting as a link between HS students, the schools and the SU and to work on any issues impacting HS students. It involves organising the annual Health Science Ball and sitting on a number of committees such as University Council, Union Forum, Faculty Executive, Academic Senate and the Education Group! In addition to this, I chair a faculty assembly twice each semester to meet all the HS class reps to give information and listen to any concerns.

EMS Faculty Convenor

The EMS Faculty Convener leads and advocates for EMS students, in a huge variety of ways. That involves sitting on University Council with the Provost & co, and Faculty Executive with lecturers; as well as Union Forum, SU Council, Academic Senate, and my personal favourite, chairing Faculty Assembly. You’re also frequently in touch with Estates & Facilities, IT Services, and other supports. You mentor and support all of the faculty’s class reps and school conveners, and help them solve their problems. There are also opportunities to lead amazing projects like Diversity in STEM and Science Ball. It’s an amazing experience, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Sports Officer

Sports Officer is a role in the SU that is probably one of the more fun positions! I get to sit in on meetings with Trinity Sport and Healthy Trinity from time to time to try and figure out how we can make college more pro active and engaging for the students. It’s a job which when carried out by the right person can lead to great accomplishments for both the union and college itself! If you feel you’re the person for it why not run!

Environmental Officer

The main duties of Environmental Officer is to help in the planning of Green Day and Green Week. There is a lot of support from the Green Campus committee, the environmental society, the SU and a time of passionate students on campus that you will always have a helping hand. As part of the role, you are required to attend the Green Campus committee meetings once a month and the Provost’s Sustainability advisory meetings which happen once per term. These might sound daunting but I promise you it’s very causal and you will not be expected to do something you don’t feel prepared for or aren’t comfortable doing!

Volunteer Forum Co-Ordinator

The essential purpose of the Volunteer Forum Coordinator is to bring the Trinity charities together and make sure their collective voice is heard on campus. This means attending Union Forum and Student Council, looking out for charity-related matters and feeding these back to the charities. The two big events for the VFC are Charity Ball and Raise and Give Week. Both of these are organised in collaboration with the charity societies and TCDSU Ents. The VFC also represents undergraduates in the university's Civic Engagement Advisory Group.

Ethnic Minorities Officer

As ethnic minorities officer your job is to represent and be a voice for minorities on campus. This is an important job because minorities in general aren't represented enough in college so in most cases, you are the one to bring notice to issues faced by minorities. Racism is a major issue that ethnic minorities face. The idea is to create a campus that is safe for students. It's not practically possible to say that you can end racism but you can try and prevent it from happening in campus or offer support to student who face racism. As ethnic minorities officer, your job includes making the effort to know the diverse minorities on campus so that they know that you're there to support their demands. Even a single complaint about an issue is enough to take action, no student should be made to feel uncomfortable in college.

International Students' Officer

The International Students’ Officer is the representative for all international students, from anywhere in the world other than Ireland, in the SU. They have a committee of international students and work closely with the Global Room, Global Relations, and S2S. The main job of the International Students’ Officer, which covers all of the more specific things, is to be a point of contact and advocate for all international students.

Officer for Students with Disabilities

The Officer for Students with Disabilities is a varied but rewarding role. The Officer will work with a range of people from Union Forum, to their Disability Committee to the Disability Service. Their job is to ensure that the SU upholds a standard of accessibility as well as assisting other groups and societies if they come to you. You will also play a role in helping maintain and develop the visibility of the disabled community in Trinity. There are occasional instances of casework which are often related to academic issues or accessibility, you can work with both the Welfare and Education Officers if you ever have problems with this area.

Access Officer

The access officer is a voice for TAP students on campus. They represent students that come to Trinity from backgrounds not traditionally represented at third level. They have input into everything the union does and direct the union on access issues and ensuring college is a welcoming place for everyone! They sit on Union Forum (the executive of the SU), Council and the college's Widening Participation Committee. How the union supports TAP students and fights for equal access to education could be up to you!

Oifigeach na Gaeilge

Dia dhaoibh! As Oifigeach na Gaeilge, my main responsibilities are to translate your TCDSU weekly email and to organise Seachtain na hÉigse, our campaign week to celebrate Irish. I attend meetings with Coiste na Gaeilge, Cumann Gaelach, and College’s Oifigeach.

LGBT Rights Officer

As LGBTRO it’s my job to represent the LGBT+ community in Trinity. I achieve this by campaigning on important issues pertaining to the community such as trans healthcare, removal of the MSM blood ban and access to PrEP. I also am the chair of the LGBT+RO sub-commuter which advises me on campaigns and helps run Rainbow Week in Michaelmas Term. I also advise and sit on meetings for the formulation of the Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy.

Citizenship Officer

Citizenship Officer is a super flexible role, one that you can really make your own. There are some things you must prioritise, like voter registration and the homelessness Sleepout with FLAC, but other than that you have a lot of freedom to work on what you want! It’s a fabulous role for anyone who is interested in getting involved in the Students Union and has an overarching interest in citizenship issues on campus!

Off-Campus Officer

The Off-Campus Officer is newly introduced this year and is a very important role considering the challenges our off-campus students are facing right now. If elected, your job will be to lead a committee with other off-campus students, and ensure that their voices are heard within the Students Union. Any student who is off-campus or a placement student can run!

Undergraduate Studies Committee Member

The USC Rep is responsible for voicing student concerns in a monthly meeting with the Education Officer, all the Directors of Undergraduate Learning and Teaching, the Senior Lecturer & other key members of College.
As student rep, you are responsible for ensuring student concerns are being considered when changes are being discussed within the meeting. It is a really great position if you want to make a change (also the reading attached isn’t for the faint hearted!)

Gender Equality Officer

Text to follow

Other Unfilled Positions

Student Parents Officer

Mature Students Officer

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