What is the Students' Union?

The Students’ Union is run for students by students. We represent you at college level, we fight for your rights, we look after your needs, and we are here for you to have a shoulder to cry on or as a friend to chat with over a cup of tea. As a student of Trinity College, you are automatically a member of TCDSU. Remember – we work for you, so if you think we should be focusing on a particular issue, get in touch!

The Students’ Union website is a vital resource for Trinity students. It’s the place to go if you have a problem in College - it has information on accommodation and grinds, as well as information pertaining to education and welfare. The website also contains direct mailing access to each sabbatical officer, allowing you to tell them whether you think they are doing a good job and advise them on the things they could do to better represent you.

To stay in touch through social media, find us on Facebook at ‘Trinity College Students’ Union’ to keep up to date with what we’re doing and learn about the Deal of the Week. Post a question on our wall and we’ll answer as soon as we can. You can also follow us on Twitter @TCDSU.

The Students' Union Sabbatical Officers

Your union is run by 5 full-time sabbatical officers who are elected annually in February. The officers are made up of the President, the Education Officer, the Welfare Officer, the Communications Officer and the Ents Officer, who are all located in House 6 in Front Square. Of course, TCDSU is far more than just 5 officers. There are hundreds of other students who represent you at different levels and are absolutely vital to the proper running of the Union. More about these individuals, and how to get involved yourself, later!

Students' Union structure

Students' Union services

TCDSU provides a wide variety of services, including two shops, an accommodation advi- sory service, a multi-award winning newspaper, confidential advice, and the best student entertainment in Dublin. Feel like College isn’t giving you the quality student experience you deserve or think the government is ignoring your voice? Talk to Lynn, your President. Have any academic issues or want to run for Class Rep? Get in touch with Molly. Conor is look- ing out for your welfare, from sex to finances. Got an ear for a news story? Why not give Aifric, the Communications and Marketing Officer and Edmond Editor of the University Times, a call? Even if you just want to party, Katie is your go-to gal.

Remember – TCDSU works for you whether you are an active member or not. Your interests are our top priority even if you never set foot in our offices!

Strategic Plan

Arising directly from the outcomes of a consultation process with our members, our staff and other members of the Trinity community, this document articulates our Union’s core values and seeks to reflect those values in the priorities and targets we have set ourselves between now and 2018. This Strategic Plan was formally adopted by TCDSU Council on the 31st of March 2015, and will expire at the last Council meeting of the 2017/18 academic year.

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