What is a SU Bookshop?

SU Bookshop is a place where TCD students can sell/trade/donate their old college books. Simply register on the site, upload an ad for your old college book(s) and start selling. This means that as soon as the ad is live that particular course textbook is ready for a buyer straight away.

What type of book can I sell on SU Bookshop?

You can advertise any book that is academic related material and used in Trinity College Dublin. Any ads uploaded for non academic related material will be quickly removed from the ad listings on the site.

How much does it cost to advertise my books for sale on SU Bookshop?

There is no cost.

How long will my ad remain live on the site?

Your ad for your third level book(s) will remain live for 10 days after uploading the ad. You may then renew or remove your ad, however statistically you are far more likely to sell your book before that time runs out!

How do I receive payment from the buyer for my book?

This is completely up to you. If you are selling the book to another student in the same college as you, or to someone living close-by, the simplest method is simply have the buyer collect the book and pay in cash. If you are buying or selling book(s) from/to someone from another part of the country or you aren’t comfortable meeting a buyer, you can simply post the book(s) to them and arrange to receive payment through other means such as PayPal, etc.

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