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Want to run a campaign? Check out our campaign guide with USI:

Fees and Higher Education Funding
Access to Education
Repeal the 8th   
Lobby Group
Fossil-Free Trinity

Gender Equality
Mental Health
Body and Soul
LGBTQ Campaigns
International Students- Support
Health and Sport
Refugee Initiatives- with Suas
Homelessness- with Trinity FLAC

Want college to change something? start a petition and link it to!

Campaign Booklet- TCDSU

A campaign or event should have a clear progression. Here is a sample list of where you should be in a project at various times prior to the event.

6 weeks before:
The event should be identified and relevant partners (SU, societies) should be briefed on the idea. A project lead should be identified and a meeting of those involved should be booked. Speakers should be contacted (ideally well before this, but definitely by now).
4 weeks before:
The theme and content of the campaign/event should have been decided.
Media- social media, posters etc- should have been designed.
Everyone should be briefed on the exact nature of the event.

3 weeks before-
Facebook/email promotion should begin.

2 weeks before-
All stakeholders should meet to discuss what is and is not working with the campaign- do not be afraid to scrap/change what is not working.
Promotion should be ramped up and event forms/bookings should be confirmed by now.
Everyone should know what is happening- very important.
Get the SU to liaise with College to advertise it via official channels.

1 week-
The SU weekly email should have full details and the Facebook page of the campaign/event should be identified.

3 days before-
Final preparations should be made.
Good luck!

Contacts in TCD
Getting campaigns booked in Trinity means you have to know the right person to contact. Always pop an email if you’re stuck, but these contacts should work to start with:


-Booking Rooms:
Arts, Hamilton, Atrium, most other spaces:
GMB: and (has to go through GMB societies)
Halls: for JCR events, they will put you in contact with the Warden.
Global Room:
CSC: will book the Eliz room in House 6.

-Other Handy Trinity Contacts:
Michael is the head of security.
GSU: for if you’d want to get in touch with people who may be researching on a campaign area, or to get postgrads involved!
CSC: to find out society committee emails, check their Facebook pages, or email
DUCAC: email to see schedules and contacts for clubs, or check
Campus Services: is useful for booking outdoor events.
To book an event, you must fill out a Junior Dean event form- fill it out as soon in advance as possible!
You can find it here:

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