This is a very unusual and strange time that we are going through but we hope that some of the information we have put together will help you feel a bit more sure at this time! The FAQ section of Trinity’s website is a great resource at the moment for anybody with queries relating to college, it can be found here: If you have any questions that have not been answered please reach out to one of us!


The current situation has caused a myriad of complications across the board but we are aware that students' accommodation arrangements have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. We hope that the information provided helps answer any questions you may have. We are currently trying our best to support all students seeking refunds for unused accommodation and to ensure that students who are still in their term accommodation have access to necessary support. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Laura on

Student who were residing in PBSAs

Students who were residing on campus

Students who were living on campus may have concerns relating to belongings or logistics due to having to vacate so quickly. Students should note that if you have already vacated on a temporary basis and not removed all your belongings please contact your residence by email to make arrangements for removal/collection at a later date. If you have belongings in accommodation and urgently need to get them this may be facilitated if absolutely necessary. If you have left any items in the communal areas please consider asking a flatmate who is still here if they could amalgamate these to be placed in your room. The college will do their very best to facilitate this.

Student facing issues regarding unused accommodation refunds

Services for students living on campus

It is a very unusual time for any students left living on campus. The college is providing services where possible. If you need to access any of the services, please note that many are functioning online. Some of the team are still on campus and can assist with any queries or assistance you may have.


It is understandable that a global pandemic will cause more education issues for students and we are aware of that! We have been working alongside the Senior Lecturer, regularly asking for updates on assessment. We can confirm that assessment will be taking place from Monday 27.04.20 to Friday 15.05.20. Over the course of this time we’ve been linking up with services from disability to Student Learning Development to ensure that the student experience of exams is at the core of all decisions. The president brought the idea of a ‘No Detriment’ policy to the Provost and we are awaiting further updates regarding this. This is a very uncertain time so please be sure to contact Niamh, on if you need any help regarding assessment or education issues.

Updates on Assessment

Online Learning Issues

IT Services have set up a webpage which answers a lot of initial questions that students have when accessing online learning:

They can also be contacted through any of the channels outlined on their page:


Students on Placements


This has been a time of uncertainty and lots of disruption so it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. Many areas of our lives have been completely upturned so if you require assistance figuring out what the next step is don’t hesitate to contact our Welfare & Equality Officer, Aisling on

Emotional Support



Visas & Immigration

We are working with Global Relations to ensure that students are kept up to date regarding VISA and immigration requirements, particularly for the students who had to leave immediately or are continuing their studies next year. You can see updates on their website here:

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