Our doors may be closed but we're still here working hard to support the college community.

For up-to-date information regarding College COVID-19 regulations check out the TCD FAQ:


For up-to-date government information, check out the HSE COVID-19 portal:


Resumption of Teaching

TCDSU and Trinity College Dublin are working hard to ensure the best for all students this year. As government guidelines and recommendations change, your learning experience may have to be adapted. The Union is always here to help and whether you're learning online or attending face-to-face lectures, there are many ways we can advise and support you.

We're currently concerned about NPHET recommendations around online teaching for Dublin-area colleges and we will provide clarifications as soon as we know further details. We're busy representing you in meetings and attending briefings to get a clearer picture.


We understand that many students have been placed in a compromising position in the midst of the housing crisis while waiting for answers around face-to-face teaching. If a second lockdown occurs, both USI and TCDSU will be calling for the government to protect tenants in this situation, rest assure that we are aware of the issue and will be actively lobbying on your behalf if such a situation occurs. Reach out to our accommodation advisory service or find out more information about renting in the welfare directory below and if you're having any issues, shoot us an email and we'll be more than happy to assist.


Unfortunately, fees cannot be reduced for the coming academic year due to overheads and investments associated with adapting to online learning and the pandemic. Based on a board decision in 2018, fees were set to increase by 3% this year. We as the Students’ Union plan on actively challenging this during the coming academic year but at the moment there is little wiggle room on this issue. We understand this puts students in a difficult position and we’re working hard to ensure that every member of the college community is treated fairly.

Welfare Directory

Check out the resources below! If you need anything, the TCDSU DMs are always open and we can be contacted as usual. Things may look a little different this year, but the sabbatical officers are committed to ensuring that our support services remain available.

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