So you want to run for sabbatical..?

The Five Steps to Success!

  1. Speak to the current Officer in the position that you are interested in
  2. Attend the election information events
  3. Find yourself a campaign manager and begin planning
  4. Get your nomination form in on time
  5. Ready, set, go on the 12th of February!

Leadership Race Nomination Form


Kevin: “Deciding to run for Sabbat is scary. It can be difficult to put your head above the parapet and go for it. But it’s absolutely, unquestionably, worth it. Anyone can run - whether you’ve never done anything with the SU before, or you’ve been involved for years. This was my first elected position in the SU, and it’s great to have fresh faces and new perspective on things. The leadership races are all about what you think the SU should look like - If you like what the Union has been doing, great! Run to develop on it. If you don’t, run to change our focus. Either way, run - you absolutely will not regret it.”

Alice: “It took months of encouragement for my friends to convince me to run. Now I wonder why I didn’t just go for it earlier. Running for sabbat was thrilling - exciting and scary all at once. The campaign period really makes you step up and become a better you. You learn how to put yourself out there, speak about your passions and meet wonderful people along the way. The position of Education Officer is arguably the least well known positions on the team. It’s something different everyday. You can go from helping students one-on-one to the technical side of things and SU procedure in one day. You can be helping run elections and referenda one minute and sitting on College’s most vital committees the next. With a job as diverse and fast-paced as this, the year is just flying by! Could it be you next year?

Damien: “I really had to convince myself to run for this. I kept having doubts of not being good enough for the job. However, the way to think about this job is that you want to help other students have an easier time here. Fundamentally, you are helping students through campaigns, initiatives and casework. I was worried about “I don’t know enough about x” or “I have no experience in y” but really if you go in with the intention of pushing yourself so that you can help other students, it’s really hard to do a bad job.”

Úna: “I absolutely love my job. There’s no denying the challenges and stresses which come with it but the freedom within the role makes it all worth it. If you are a creative and determined individual you will suit this role perfectly. It is probably one of the more diverse officerships in the skills which it demands, ranging from design work to professional business meetings to just having fun on social media! All in all, if you love fonts and being social this is the job for you!”

Jonah: “Making the decision to run for a sabbatical position has been one of the greatest and wildest decisions I’ve ever made. It is a very challenging role however I have found it to be hugely rewarding in terms of personal development. If you believe you’re genuinely interested any of these positions, be sure to arrange a meeting with the officer in the position you would like to run for!”

Taking the reins of Ireland’s largest student newspaper is no mean feat: students across the country look to The University Times for the best journalism out there. It requires someone with a passion for journalism, an indepth knowledge of Trinity’s bureaucracy and higher education, as well as a commitment to the future of The University Times. As Editor, you’ll work long days and nights, lose weekends and be constantly on the search for the next big story. It’s incredibly rewarding, but difficult and challenging. Think before you run and make sure you come and talk to me or a previous editor: it’s a tough job, but hugely important.

Important dates


Looking for inspiration?
Here’s last year’s winning manifestos

And remember, you don’t have to be involved in the SU to run! The elections are open to all students and we encourage those from a diverse range of backgrounds to consider themselves for sabbatical position!

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See a campaign you’d like to run?

Want to run a campaign yourself?

Join a campaign

Email, or sign up during Fresher's Week, if you want to be part of a TCDSU campaign.

want college to change something? start a petition and link it to

Start a Petition!

Create your own campaign

6 weeks before


  • The event should be identified and relevant partners (SU, societies) should be briefed on the idea. A project lead should be identified and a meeting of those involved should be booked. Speakers should be contacted (ideally well before this, but definitely by now).

4 weeks before


  • The theme and content of the campaign/event should have been decided.
  • Social media, posters, etc. should have been designed.
  • Everyone should be briefed on the exact nature of the event.

3 weeks before


  • Facebook/email promotion should begin.

2 weeks before


  • All stakeholders should meet to discuss what is and is not working with the campaign – do not be afraid to scrap/change what is not working.
  • Promotion should be ramped up and event forms/bookings should be confirmed by now.
  • Everyone should know what is happening (very important).
  • Get the SU to liaise with College to advertise it via official channels.

1 week before

Weekly Email

  • The SU weekly email should have full details and the Facebook page of the campaign/event should be identified.

3 days before

Final Preparations

  • Final preparations should be made. Good luck!

Useful Contacts

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Run for Class Rep

Class Reps get to know their whole class and Reps from other courses

They can organise parties and trips away for their class

You’ll be the voice of your course to College, and will be able to effect real changes to your course and College itself

You spend a weekend away at Class Rep Training, where you meet loads of people and receive training on negotiation and leadership skills, public speaking, organising class parties and much more

It looks really good on your CV!

Click here to apply!

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So, you want to get involved with the SU?

Well, there are plenty of opportunities to work with us, and to make the most of your time here in college. But you don’t have to run for anything or have a title to make a difference in the SU - if you’re passionate about something, you have a campaign idea, or you just want to help out in a small way, get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Run for Class Rep!

Find out more

Run for Sabbatical Officer!

Run for Union Forum!

Run for a committee position!

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