Chair of Council

Secretary to Council & Chair of the Oversight Commission

AHSS Faculty Convenor

HS Faculty Convenor

EMS Faculty Convenor

Sports Officer

Environmental Officer

Volunteer Forum Co-Ordinator

Ethnic Minorities Officer

International Students' Officer

Officer for Students with Disabilities

Access Officer

Oifigeach na Gaeilge

LGBT Rights Officer

Citizenship Officer

Off-Campus Officer

Undergraduate Studies Committee Member

The USC Rep is responsible for voicing student concerns in a monthly meeting with the Education Officer, all the Directors of Undergraduate Learning and Teaching, the Senior Lecturer & other key members of College.
As student rep, you are responsible for ensuring student concerns are being considered when changes are being discussed within the meeting. It is a really great position if you want to make a change (also the reading attached isn’t for the faint hearted!)

Gender Equality Officer

Other Unfilled Positions

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For President

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For Education

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For Welfare

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For Communications & Marketing

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For Ents

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For Editor

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So you want to run for sabbatical..?

The Five Steps to Success!

  1. Speak to the current Officer in the position that you are interested in
  2. Attend the election information events
  3. Find yourself a campaign manager and begin planning
  4. Get your nomination form in on time
  5. Ready, set, go on the 18th of February!

Leadership Race Nomination Form


Shane: "Daunting, exciting, terrifying… but rewarding. Running for any elected position is never easy but what you learn of yourself and your abilities in the process can never be understated. Running for President gives you the opportunity to put forward your view for what the Union should be, what campaigns it should be running, how it should be representing students, and how you can bring something to the job. Representing over 18,000 students, overseeing the running of the Union, being primary spokesperson for the Union on all issues relating to students, and listening to students needs are just some of the tasks involved with being President. You have the opportunity to set the direction of the Union and the student movement in Trinity. If you have the passion, commitment, and are genuinely interested in affecting positive change for the students of Trinity, go for it!"

Aimee: "There's a lot of variety to the role of Education Officer; I usually say it can be split into through broad areas - casework, representation of students on committees and quality assurance work. The job (and election period) is challenging but always new and exciting! It's honestly really rewarding when you do help a student and I very much so enjoy the diversity of my work. Working on QA initiatives - from feedback to assessment and student partnership - is one of my favourite parts of the role, as you get to work on long term strategies that will have an impact for years to come. If you're passionate about improving the student experience, put yourself forward! Of course it can be scary, but is a worthwhile venture."

James: "The role of the welfare officer is very diverse - it involves a lot of one-on-one interaction with students and helping them get issues sorted, but at the same time a lot of it is implementing welfare campaigns and working on different committee initiatives. It can be difficult to juggle, but if you are driven by helping others then it is nothing but rewarding. Putting yourself forward can be nerve-wrecking, but if you feel suited to the job then the best thing you can do is get your ideas out there and make a change! Get in touch if you have any questions at all about the welfare role or running in general, I’ll be happy to help."

Paraic: "Communications & Marketing is definitely one of the more diverse roles within the Union. One minute you are designing and branding entire campaign weeks, the next minute you are securing sponsorship for the students, and the next minute you are sending the Weekly Email to every student in college. You get to have fun with all the social media and you get to create some fantastic publications. There’s no doubt that it’s tough, and at points you’ll think that you’ll never want to see another font again, but the diversity of the job always keeps it interesting and keeps bringing you back! If you like design, social media, or sponsorship (or all three) this job would be perfect for you!"

David: "Running for ents was 2 of the best weeks of my college life without a doubt. It’s a pretty incredible experience that gives you a wide array of experiences and skills that are hard to come by while studying. It’s been such a fun year and if you’re even considering running for it you 100% should. It’s very intense and a lot of work, its not a 9-5 job five days a week but will have you working past these hours and on the weekend, there’s little to no boundary between your work life and personal life which takes a lot of getting used to. This will challenge you more than you realise and you won’t be able to realise all your ideas, but it’s all worth it in the end as its such a rewarding, fulfilling job. There’s so much freedom to this job and lifestyle and it’s absolutely savage craic."

Elanor: "Being Editor of The University Times is a great privilege. We always strive to be the number-one source of information for students and we aim to start conversations about all the issues that impact students and their lives. From mentoring students, to interviewing College officials asking the hard questions, to writing and editing high-level analysis or news pieces, the work varies so much from day to day. The Editor has a lot of trust placed in them, with sources confiding in them and readers trusting the information they are reading. With that comes a huge responsibility to ensure high-quality journalism. It’s not often you get an opportunity like this to run such a large organisation at such a young age – The University Times has a team of around 70 editors and many more writers and an average weekly readership of around 25,000. If you have a major interest in journalism, enjoy reporting things on a daily basis and fostering a team, you’ll really enjoy the year."

Important dates


Looking for inspiration?
Here’s previous winning manifestos

And remember, you don’t have to be involved in the SU to run! The elections are open to all students and we encourage those from a diverse range of backgrounds to consider themselves for sabbatical position!

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See a campaign you’d like to run?

Want to run a campaign yourself?

Join a campaign

Email, or sign up during Fresher's Week, if you want to be part of a TCDSU campaign.

want college to change something? start a petition and link it to

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Create your own campaign

6 weeks before


  • The event should be identified and relevant partners (SU, societies) should be briefed on the idea. A project lead should be identified and a meeting of those involved should be booked. Speakers should be contacted (ideally well before this, but definitely by now).

4 weeks before


  • The theme and content of the campaign/event should have been decided.
  • Social media, posters, etc. should have been designed.
  • Everyone should be briefed on the exact nature of the event.

3 weeks before


  • Facebook/email promotion should begin.

2 weeks before


  • All stakeholders should meet to discuss what is and is not working with the campaign – do not be afraid to scrap/change what is not working.
  • Promotion should be ramped up and event forms/bookings should be confirmed by now.
  • Everyone should know what is happening (very important).
  • Get the SU to liaise with College to advertise it via official channels.

1 week before

Weekly Email

  • The SU weekly email should have full details and the Facebook page of the campaign/event should be identified.

3 days before

Final Preparations

  • Final preparations should be made. Good luck!

Useful Contacts

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