Budgeting for university

Even before you start adding the “registration” fee to your budget for the year, it’s pretty obvious that free education isn’t exactly free.

The bad news: Dublin is one of the most expensive places in Europe to be a student. Rents have continued to climb over the last few years and travel expenses are creeping up too. The breakdown of our extremely accurate scientifically designed perfect college monthly budget (of course, it won’t match perfectly with yours) looks like:

Rent comes in at
Bills add up to
Books as things
Groceries cost about
Laundry is
Travels costs
€111 (Dublin Bus)
Social costs

The total without transport comes in at €1179- 1320 (see above for transport fees) if you’re living away from home, but it’s a bit less if you’re still living with the folks. You’ll need to sit down with said folks (if you haven’t already) to figure out how much you need week to week and how many hours you can work without destroying either your social life or your academic career. That said, it’s important to remember that part-time work is not as easy to come across as in past years, and that you may be looking for a while.

Here are some quick tips to save money:

  • Cook with friends on a rotation
  • Freeze or refrigerate food for later in the week
  • Bring your own lunch
  • If you bring your own tea bags you can get hot water for 40c at the arts bloc Cafe
  • Go to society events
  • Get a student leap card, available at the SU shop in front square, to save on transport
  • Try a cheaper phone network such as 48months.ie
  • Use the SU shop deal of the week and ents card deals
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