Run for Class Rep

Class Reps get to know their whole class and Reps from other courses

They can organise parties and trips away for their class

You’ll be the voice of your course to College, and will be able to effect real changes to your course and College itself

You spend a weekend away at Class Rep Training, where you meet loads of people and receive training on negotiation and leadership skills, public speaking, organising class parties and much more

It looks really good on your CV!

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So, you want to get involved with the SU?

Well, there are plenty of opportunities to work with us, and to make the most of your time here in college. But you don’t have to run for anything or have a title to make a difference in the SU - if you’re passionate about something, you have a campaign idea, or you just want to help out in a small way, get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Run for Class Rep!

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Run for Sabbatical Officer!

Run for Union Forum!

Run for a committee position!

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What is SU Council?

Can I go even though I'm not a class rep?

School Convenors & Union Forum

Faculty Assemblies

The Electoral Commission (EC)

The Oversight Commission (OC)

The Academic Senate

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