I'm a former Trinity Alumnus (2009, BA in English) and have an opportunity for Scottish and Welsh students to earn some extra cash on the side (€35 an hour) with complete flexibility in terms of location. Am working with an artificial Intelligence company (ezdi.com) in the states, am working on a project of theirs to create better voice recognition in Siri, Alexa etc. Within the next 6 days they need to create 100 hrs of audio conversation on various topics in Welsh and Scottish dialects of English.

They are looking for around 16 people (8 pairs) in Ireland who can chat for an hour on these topics (recorded through an online tool on the laptop). So people can sign up as a pair, and if they complete let's say 10 hours of recorded conversation over a Skype equivalent tool over the course of 2 weeks, then each person would receive total €350 euro. The minimum requirement for a pair would be 7 hours of conversation during this time period, and maximum would be 13 hours.

If you think this opportunity would be something that would interest current Scottish or WelshTrinity students or recent Alumni then please do ask them to contact me asap at +918238088252. I can provide further details once you let me know that you would be interested in posting it - think it could be a great opportunity to earn a good bit of cash on the side with very little effort!

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