We are a temporary staffing agency for the hospitality sector operating in Clare, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and the surrounding areas. Our clients include Thomond Park, Facebook and Longitude!

How we work is simple. Our staff. who we call Superstars!, sign up and go through the normal interview process with us. Once we have their paperwork signed and sent to us, they are officially registered with us. Shifts that suit their experience in their area are sent to them via email, hours are given on a first come first served basis so whoever emails back first gets the shift, if the staff member for whatever reason, cannot work, there is no pressure on them to even respond! We are fully flexible and allow staff to work around their life, making us the perfect employers for students! Our rate of pay is also higher than the norm, €11.50 per hour (some shifts can even be higher!)

More information can be found on our website; www.gettheshifts.com or Hello@gettheshifts.com

We have shifts available as early as this weekend for the big rugby match at the Aviva Stadium so we can get them signed up straight away once they contact us.

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