Sabbatical Officers

The Students' Union is run by five full-time officers, Sabbatical Officers. You can contact the Sabbatical Officers if you an any issue or if you need support in College. The Sabbatical Officers are based in House 6 in Front Square.


Kieran McNulty

The President is the Chielf Operting Officer of the organisation and Chief Campaigns Officer for the Students' Union.

086 123 45 67


Dale Whelehan

The Education Officer is here to help you with any academic queries you have during college. The Education Officer is also Vice-President of the Union.

086 123 45 67


Aoibhinn Loughlin

The Welfare Officer can youhelp with in times of mental, emotional or physical support. You can also get small Welfare loan or free condoms from the Welfare Officer.

086 123 45 67


Glen Byrne

The Communications & Marketing Officer looks after the public relations of the Union. they also look after any business involvement with the Union through advertising, sponsorship, etc.

086 123 45 67


Padraic Rowley

The Ents Officer runs Trinity Ents, which organises nights-out and day events during the year to offer a break for hard-working students.

086 123 45 67

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Part-time Officers

The Students' Union Part-time Officers are full-time students that volunteer their time to help the Students' Union act on important issues, from enviornmental concerns to LGBT+ campaigns. The Part-time Officers and the Sabbatical Officers together form Union Forum, which is an executive committee of the Students' Union.

Chair of Council

Jenna Clarke-Molloy

Secretary to Council

Sam Green

EMS Faculty Convener

Niall Cooke

HS Faculty Convener

Laura Killeen

AHSS Faculty Convener

Alice MacPherson

Gender Equality Officer

Rachel Skelly

Environmental Officer

Thomas Emmett

Access Officer

Anna Belitskaya

Meabh Cullen

Disabilities Officer

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Dipo Adebisi

Sports Officer

Charlotte Bowen

Irish Language Officer

Úna Harty

LGBT+ Rights Officer

Séan O'Carroll

Mature Students Officer

Orla Burke

International Student Officer

Ross Cooke

Student Parent Officer

Carly Bailey
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