Booking an Event

Simple events/talks etc.   
To book a room for your event contact the Enquiries Office
The Atrium, Front Square
Trinity College
Dublin 2

Telephone: +353-1-896-1724/896-1897
Fax: +353-1-6710037

Larger or more complicated events/ stunts

You will need to contact the junior Dean 10 working days prior to the event and fill in the request forms, both of which can be found here

It may speed things along you may also fill out an event management and safety plan and email it to Mr Tom Merriman, College Safety Officer (email: ) and TCD Insurance (email: ) with a copy to the Junior Dean’s Office (email: and email: ). You can see a copy below or mail the email addresses given or the Junior Dean for a copy.

Event Safety Management Plan
(Small Events not involving unusual activities, installations or equipment)



Additional Detail

Name of Event



Outline of the event









Expected Number of participants/audience



Name and contact detail of person in control of event



Name and contact detail of event Safety Officer



Permission obtained from JuniorDean



Facilities Officer consulted



Stewarding Arrangements



Equipment/substances being used



Food being served



College Emergency Procedures consulted



First Aid arrangements



Toilet/Changing facilities



Drinking Water



Facilities for disabled



Risk Assessment completed (See below)



Safety Announcements drafted



An Event Safety Management Plan should be drawn up for all events outside of the normal teaching/research activities in  Schools and Research Institutes, outside of the normal activities of societies and clubs and any event involving members of the public outside the College Community.
College society activities are covered under College insurance. However, all outside service suppliers, hirers, contractors and the like must have adequate insurances and these must be presented to the Director of Buildings

Office for verification in advance of the event.

Many events including all events in external areas of College require the Permission of the Junior Dean – for such events the Event Management Plan must be agreed in advance by the College Safety Officer or the Facilities Officer.

Event Risk Assessment

Event Title

Date of Risk Assessment

Carried out by






Who may be harmed

Controls in place
Safety Measures to reduce/eliminate risk

Risk Assessment

Additional precautions required

Person responsible





































H = High, M = Medium, L= Low
*some sample hazards to consider
Fire Prevention
Overcrowding / Crowd control
College Emergency Procedures
Fire Safety / Evacuation procedures
Safety announcements
Communication with College Authorities
Stages/Structures/Drapes/stage furniture
Lighting/Sound equipment
Audience Seating
Confined Spaces   
Heavy Loads/Manual Handling
Hazardous Substances
Compressed gases
Food Handling
Hot work/Naked Flame/Candles
Vehicles/Traffic Management
Special needs / children / elderly / disabled
Electrical Risks/Generators
Working at Height
Working near water
Lone working

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