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Tutors and the Senior Tutors Office

Your tutor is your number one support in college. Contact them if you need any deferrals, extensions or support with your academic work due to illness, bereavement or other situations outside of your control (loss of internet connection etc). You can find their details on your my.tcd.ie under “my records”.

Please contact your tutor prior to the exam whenever possible.
If your tutor is on sabbatical, maternity leave or not replying to you, please contact the Senior Tutors office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Senior Tutor’s Office is open for student appointments between 10.30am - 12.30pm and 2.30pm - 4.00pm Monday to Friday.  
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange an appointment. https://tcd.ie/seniortutor/

Connectivity, Laptops and Exam Space

If you have any issues with your Wi-Fi, require a laptop or need a suitable space to sit exams please get in touch with your tutor.
Book your library seat here!
Book the breakout spaces here!
IT services have prepared a number of top tips for online exams here!

Do not sit an exam if you are not medically fit to do so.

If you are medically unfit to sit your exam, please consult your doctor and request a medical certificate for the appropriate period. All medical certificates must be dated and include the date on which the illness started, the length of incapacitation, and a clear statement that you are unable to sit exams.
A positive COVID test result will also suffice.
This must be given to your tutor - preferably before the exam(s) in question, but up to 72 hours after.

Remember that medical certificates are not accepted in explanation or excuse for poor performance. You cannot claim mitigating circumstances having submitted a piece of work for assessment. As per college regulations, students cannot retract work submitted.

Please contact the Trinity Health Centre for COVID related queries on + 353 1 8961556 or for general queries on + 353 1 8961591.

If you feel ill during an exam do not submit.

If you are feeling unwell during an examination, do not submit your work as it will be considered completed.

Make the invigilator, designated liaison person in your school, module leader and/or tutor aware of your illness and contact the Trinity Health Centre.

If your internet connection drops or computer malfunctions during an exam

If your internet drops during a live exam, take a picture of the computer screen to have as proof (timestamped preferably) and inform your tutor, module coordinator and/or school designated liaison person as soon as possible.
If you are working on a take home 48 hour exam, remember to continually save and update your work.

What to do if you miss an exam

Contact your tutor immediately. If your tutor is not available, check if they have organised someone to cover for them.

If you can’t contact your tutor, contact the Senior Tutor’s Office, the secretary in your department, or the Education Officer.


All applications for deferral through your tutor will be considered by the Senior Lecturer. The process is not automatic but if you have been significantly impacted by the COVID19 pandemic, it will be considered as an “exceptional circumstance” and dealt with appropriately.

If you defer your exams, you will have one opportunity to re-sit them in the supplemental period. The grades of these exams will not be capped.

Please do not defer your exams unless you have to, and are genuinely unwell. Even if you fail your exam now, you will still have the opportunity to sit it again in the supplemental period.

If you are considering deferring your exams, please contact your tutor who can advise you further.


If you are overwhelmed with your workload or otherwise unable to complete your assignment(s) in the designated time, please get in touch with your module coordinator.

Liaise with your classmates, as many of you may be in the same position.
Lecturers should, and have been, very understanding of the pressures everyone is facing right now and should be lenient in this regard.

If all of your deadlines are falling at the same time, suggest for the deadline to be moved to the week of January 25th. If there are any issues with this, please let me know.  

Essay mills

With exams & assignment deadlines looming, it’s easy to feel under pressure to use essay mills & other contract cheating services
Contract cheating is a term used to refer to the practice of companies that sell bespoke assignments, essays and theses which students may then submit for assessment, as their own work. These companies are often referred to as 'essay mills'.

Essay mills are illegal. Do not use essay mills. The consequences of doing so are severe and I cannot emphasise that enough.

Please watch this video from QQI for further information.

There are loads of ways Trinity can help. You’re not alone. Please talk to us in the SU, your lecturer or Student Learning and Development for assistance.

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