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College gives you the space and time to explore subjects you have a genuine interest in! Independent research and analysis is strongly encouraged throughout your degree. While this might seem a bit overwhelming at first, don’t worry — there are plenty of supports in place to help you!

Top Tips - Nodanna 
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your lecturers if you don’t understand something. If you feel nervous about asking questions during class, approach them after or send an email! 
  • Develop a revision strategy that suits you — whether that’s doing past papers, drawing up mind maps, or talking to classmates. Find past papers here:
  • Don’t leave it all until the last minute! Of course, college isn’t all about sitting in the library all day, but make sure that you keep up-to-date with assignments and lecture notes so that you’re in good shape by the time exams roll around!
Student Learning Development

Student Learning Development (SLD) supports Trinity students with a range of services including individual appointments, academic and learning skills workshops, The Academic Writing Centre, and a self-enrol Blackboard module (see below).

These resources are designed to help you develop your skills in areas such as essay writing and other types of academic writing, organisation and time management, procrastination and concentration, presentation skills, final year projects, dissertation planning, managing and writing, literature reviews, exam & assessment skills and more. All students receive an email every Monday telling them about the upcoming workshops and other services so keep an eye on your inbox! 

Information for all SLD services are available here: 

TCDSU's Top 4 SLD Tips: 

More learning supports are available from: