Students' Union Council

What is SU Council?

SU Council is the main decision making body in the Union and meets a number of times during year to discuss and debate issues that members of the Union feel are of interest to students.

Essentially, whenever Council says “jump” the Sabbatical Officers say “how high?”

Can I go even though I'm not a class rep?

Of course! Every student may attend Council and speak on any topic that affects them, from the library to fees. However, only elected members, such as Class Reps and executive officers, can vote.

School Convenors & Union Forum

School Convenors meet with lecturers and heads of schools to ensure that student interests remain at the heart of academic decisions. Union Forum is a small number of part- time officers who not only handle their own casework, but also meet weekly with the Sabbats to discuss the issues facing students.

Faculty Assemblies

Faculty Assembly is the committee for the class representatives of the three faculties of Trinity – AHSS (Arts, Humanities, and Social Science), EMS (Engineering, Maths, and Science) and HS (Health Science). The three faculty assemblies are held concurrently once a month.

The Electoral Commission (EC)

The EC runs all SU Councils and any election or referendum held by the Union, ensuring clarity and transparency. As such, no member of the EC may hold any position in the Union, although the Chair of the EC is also the Chair of Council. It is the EC Chair's job to make sure Council runs smoothly and that elections are fair and unbiased.

The Oversight Commission (OC)

The OC are responsible for managing and maintaining the Union’s policy. Any student in the college can ask the OC about existing Union policy and whether the Union has executed it. The Chair of the OC is also the Secretary to Council and can be contacted if you want to make submissions to Council.

Third Council 2021/2022

Third Council will take place on the 30th November 2021.

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