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Trinity Students' Union Blog

Hey all,The past few weeks have really been gratifying. I hope we’re making a difference and helping you all. As ever, let me know if you need assistance.But next week is about our education, and
Firstly, I’d like to apologize for my blog being a week late. I’m going to start this blog as I originally intended for it to be – completely transparent. I’ve had a pretty shit past few weeks.
Freshers’ Week is over. Know Your Union Week, too, is coming to an end. It’s been an intense time for us here in the SU. Personally though, I’ve loved seeing the work come to fruition. Here’s a
I want to start this post by saying - I failed today. You failed today. Everyone fails everyday. Whether its failing to get up and go for a morning run, or failing to give my

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Having received information about their results and having discussed them and their performance with the Undergraduate Teaching and Learning or their course co-ordinator and/or the appropriate staff, students may ask that their results be reconsidered if they have reason to believe they are unfair. For more information, see here.