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Damn Dale. Back at it again with the ambiguous headings. So over the past month I’ve noticed a common theme emerging throughout my work. Collaboration is much more powerful than disassociation. I have had two amazing opportunities
Hey all,I hope essay deadlines aren’t getting you down! We’re busy as ever in the SU. Here’s a quick update:Pink Training.I’m on the bus back from USI’s Pink Training, a weekend for LGBTQ students in
Hello! I’m writing this a day after the seismic shock that was the election of Donald Trump in the US. It affects us only remotely, but the fact remains that we live in a hugely
GENERALWe’ve been very active as late, and my workload is often contingent on the work of the other sabbatical officers - safe to say, they’ve kept me busy.On that note, it’s often difficult to describe

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What is consent? How do you know if someone wants to have sex with you? How do you read their body language and communicate with them to establish and respect each other's boundaries?

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