Hey there! I’m Dale – your Education Officer! If you’re having any academic issues ranging from failing examinations, to wanting to transfer course, to difficulty with studying I’m here to help you out.

I also manage the class representatives and if you’re interested in running for a position in the Union you should give me a shout! I represent you guys on college meetings and lobby for student interests. I have dale-y office hours where I’m available for a chat but don’t hesitate to contact me via email or mobile either!

Work Plan:

1. Meeting with schools about student partnership

2. Updating and reform the election system

3. Formulating a placement support guide for health-science students

4. Dealing with caseload in relation to repeats/transfers/susi/admissions

5. Beginning the implementation phase of the Trinity Education Project

6. Organize class rep training/electoral commission training/school convenor training

7. Attending Dundee for SPARQ’s teaching course

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