Hi everyone!

I’m Zöe Cummins and I am your Education Officer for the year ahead. My role is to ensure you have the best academic experience possible while here in Trinity.

I am here to help if you have any academic queries. If you don’t love your course and need assistance with a course transfer, are applying for extensions or deferrals, failed an exam or are having any difficulty with your course-I’m your gal!

I am your academic representative on many college committees to ensure that your best interest is kept at the centre of all conversations. If you would like to get involved in the Students Union, I organise the Class Representative system. Every class in college has a representative and it could be you! Class Reps are the glue that holds the entire SU together. Every course and module has different issues and your rep is the best person to raise any issues and concerns you have as a first port of call. If you would like to be a rep, it’s an incredible opportunity to gain skills, meet new people and it can be a lot of fun, so be sure to put your name forward, if your class doesn't have one yet!.

Please remember there is no such thing as a silly question and I am always here for advice or a chat. I will be holding office hours during the year and you can find me on the first floor of House 6. Follow @TCDSU_Education on Twitter for regular updates or send me an email.


Education officer

Education Officer Zöe Cummins

  • Where can I study?

  • Studying

    • Studying: Studying can be really difficult - balancing your academic, social, work and home life can sometimes become overwhelming, but don't worry once you start getting your own study plan up and running it can actually free up more time. A focused and custom approach is key and once you get into the swing of things it will take some serious stress and anxiety away.
    • Start strong: 30mins of prep and summary for each lecture - take about 20mins before to read through and 10mins after getting your notes and everything you need for the lecture to actually be effective in order.
    • Learning Outcomes: Before the course starts and particularly before starting to study find out what it is your lecturer actually wants you to get out of the course – that's what they will be looking for in an exam as well. These are in the module description that is on your course webpage.
    • Exam papers: Look at previous exam papers – match with the learning outcomes – and get answering the questions and correct over them, when you're reading through imagine you're the lecturer, what do they actually want out of you? Figure out what a 1.1 answer actually is before sitting a paper. Find exam papers here –
    • How to study?
  • Study Abroad

    Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to live and study somewhere that you may never get the chance to do again. Know your options and the requirements well in advance as it can have an affect on your degree if you miss pre-requists.

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