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One-To-One Advice:

It can be difficult to navigate the supports available to you in College, that's where the TCDSU Welfare & Equality Officer comes in! If you're struggling with an issue and you're not sure where to go, reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can solve it together. Whether you need some tampons, food, or just a listening ear and friendly face — I’m your gal!

College Representation:

The TCDSU Welfare & Equality Officer voices your interests on a number of committees that make decisions about how Trinity College Dublin is run, e.g. the Student Life committee oversees the provision of student services like College Health or Student Counselling.


During the year, the TCDSU Welfare & Equality Officer helps run college-wide campaigns about everything from sexual to mental health. These are designed to spread awareness about the supports available to students in Trinity (or nationally!) and to put our collective strength behind efforts to improve them. For example, it's great that you can now order free at-home STI testing kits in the Republic of Ireland at, there is still no universal provision of free period products across universities and other teaching institutes.