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We, the students of Trinity College Dublin do hereby unite and form a union to represent our members to College, the University and other bodies. The Union shall represent all students and shall be the sole representative organisation for undergraduate students. It is recognised as such by the Board of Trinity College and the Council of the University of Dublin.

The Union shall also assist with academic, social and welfare needs of its members.

Copies of this Constitution and the current Schedules of the Constitution shall be available in the Students’ Union offices and as part of the Students’ Union’s online presence.


Schedule 1
Schedule 2

Available on request from the President

Schedule 3 – Sabbatical Election Regulations
Schedule 4 – Policy Manual
Schedule 5 – Students' Union Staff
Schedule 6 – Representation Strategy
Schedule 7 – Union Communications and Publications
Schedule 8 – Memoranda of Agreement
Schedule 9 – Terms of Reference of Committees of Council
Schedule 10 – Ad Hoc Part Time Officers