Be the change you want to see in college! The work of Class Reps is vital to the operation of the Student’s Union. Every class can elect at least one Rep to represent their views to the Union. As voting members of Council, Class Reps can use this to direct the SU’s activities.

So what does a Rep actually do? A Class Rep is like 5 mini Sabbatical officers rolled into one! From being the ‘go-to’ person for resolving minor issues facing the class to organising class parties, trips and nights out, there are many facets to being a Class Rep, and by getting involved you can enjoy as many of them as you like. The key role of the Class Rep is to be the spokesperson for their class to the College and to the Union. A good Class Rep can make a real difference to college life for your whole class.

Ok, I’m listening, so why should I run for Class Rep? There are literally hundreds of reasons why students run every year, including:

  • Class Reps get to know their whole class and Reps from other courses
  • They can organise parties and trips away for their class
  • You’ll be the voice of your course to College, and will be able to effect real changes to your course and College itself
  • You spend a weekend away at Class Rep Training, where you meet loads of people and receive training on negotiation and leadership skills, public speaking, organising class parties and much more
  • It looks really good on your CV!

Sounds great, how do I become one?

Hundreds of Class Reps are elected every year by their classes.

If you think you want to be a Class Rep then you a online form below;

Or grab a form from the Fresher’s Week stand or use the one on the page.

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