Financial Asistance

Senior Tutor Financial Assistance

There is a financial assistance scheme in college, but it’s unavailable to first years, repeat students, non-EU students or postgrad students. It’s run by the Senior Tutor’s office, and it’s a small fund for helping students who are in dire straits. Each allowance is decided on a case by case basis taking into account things like income and expenditure, whether the student is in receipt of any grants, dependant children, number of siblings. If you’re in serious money trouble the best thing to do is to call in and talk to me about it, or else talk to your tutor or call into the Senior Tutor’s office. You can apply online here

Foundation Scholarship

There is one other way to get to college and stay there without paying a whole lot: it’s called the Scholarship exams. The Schols (as they’re affectionately known) take place at the end of Hilary term, and are sat by Senior Fresh and Junior Soph students, depending on course. If you do well enough to become a Scholar, you’re entitled to a free room on campus, dinner in Commons each evening and some other unusual perks. If you decide you’re interested in this Schol thing, call into Molly in the Education office across the hall from me.

Sports Center Waiver

The Sports Centre levy can sometimes be waived for students in financial difficulty. You can apply to have the levy waived by filling out the form here:

If you are eligible, the sports centre charge will be reimbursed, although this may take a number of weeks to come through.

Students' Union Loans

Short-term interest-free loans of up to €100 are available through this office. If your grant is running a few days late and you’re living off nothing but pasta, you can call into me in House 6 and I might be able to arrange a short term loan from the SU. We also have food stores if you’re short on cash for a few meals. Call in and I’ll do my best to help keep you going until the cheque arrives.

Food Boxes

A limited number of non-perishable food items are available from the Welfare Office. You can drop in to my office in House 6 to avail of the items on offer. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions of need to get in contact again call into the office anytime between 9:30 and 5:30 Monday to Friday. If you can't make it in my number is 0863199145.

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